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Practice the perfect dance with your partner for any special occasion or learn the steps just for fun.

Gain confidence so you can relax and enjoy yourself dancing during weddings, vacations, cruises, parties, and other social events.

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Student Feedback

We began taking dance lessons in 2002 when our son was about to be married. We enjoyed the lessons so much that we have continued our lessons off and on since that time. No matter where we travel or the parties we attend, we are able to dance to any type of music.
Dancing allows us to fully enjoy life’s celebrations.

Fred & Debbie

Guy Singer is a truly wonderful instructor. He provides a very welcoming and helpful environment for people of all dance levels. I’ve been a student of his since 1989 and the quality of instruction, the unintimidating atmosphere, and fun he provides is like nowhere else I’ve been.

He really knows how to bring out the dancer in you. I highly recommend Guy Singer Dance Studio.


I’ve danced with Guy Singer Dance Studio since 1987. Guy Singer is a versatile dancer with flawless technique in tap, jazz, ballet, and ballroom dancing. Guy meets each student where they are at, helping new dancers readily gain essential skills swiftly and challenging veteran dancers to continue to achieve new skills.


I’ve always wanted to learn to dance, but felt intimidated by how much I’d need to learn.

Guy is such an amazing teacher! His patience and ability to break each step down to its most basic elements are so helpful. I’m progressing much more rapidly than I ever imagined possible! I love how capable I feel as I learn new steps, and am looking forward to having a lot of fun dancing from now on.



1514 Junction Ave, Racine, WI

Parking is available on the street out front and there is a paved lot half a block down, near 14th street.
Text or Call: (262) 652-6320

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